june. 2013.



Goatballad: A Pasture Hymn is an art installation merging Angelina Bellebuono’s photography, mixed media, writing & performance. Originally installed at Red Doors Studio in Rutledge, Georgia in July 2010, the project continues to evolve. Each installation features new work, as well as unique collaborations with other artists.

The project drew its initial breath as Angelina began the adventure of caring for her first bottle-fed goat, Gypsy. Using her experience as a documentary writer and photographer, Angelina explored the lessons and stories that emerged from her Rutledge, Georgia pasture-beside-the-road.

While a cursory glance might indicate that Goatballad is simply about goats, this project is deeply inspired by Angelina’s belief that when we quiet and steady ourselves, we gain access to the subtle beauty lies just below the busy of our lives.

Collaboration is a fundamental element of Goatballad; as the show moves around, Angelina invites guests to share their own goat stories and to add comments to parts of the exhibit as they interact with the art used in the installation.These ‘creative conversations’ become opportunities for others to engage with the artist, the art and the stories, which allows the installation to evolve and change according to the venue and the viewers.

Art teacher Julie Noland and Angelina worked together to bring the Goatballad goats and their pasture by the road to life for student art class in summer 2013. Afterwards, one student’s work was selected and temporarily incorporated into the project during shows last summer. Fiber & book artist Kathy Williams also used the installation as inspiration and created a mixed-media book by the same name, which now travels with the installation.

Angelina offers workshops, performances and interactive art projects in conjunction with Goatballad, which can be installed at schools, art galleries, libraries or agricultural events.

To learn more or to request Goatballad for your venue, check out the online press kit linked below or contact Angelina via the contact page.