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rosetta goat on lap after 10 pm.
she still needs morning and evening shots so she sleeps inside in a dog crate filled with hay.
since she had never been handled prior to arriving here three weeks ago and had already weaned from mama’s milk, for rosetta, learning to goat is more about trusting humans and getting lots of affection and gentle attention than about becoming a part of the herd.
that learning will come as she increases strength and weight. for a three-legged goat she is already quite speedy and acutely aware of potential danger from other, bigger goats.
during the day she grazes with memphis and is guarded by pearl, the grown-up herd in their eyesight but in a separate field so rosetta stays safe.
yesterday was the first day we saw a fuller figured rosetta after all day grazing. she has been guant and eating daintily only until now.
but our sea-field of red clover delights her. she grabs a flower top and gives a little shake and the stem breaks off below her chin.
she chews the flower mightily, swallowing quickly as she sets her gentle eyes on the next bloom that looms near her heart-shaped face.
and then that bloom is gone, as well.
all day the crimson flowers fall prey to rosetta goat.
at night she chews, eyes closed in deep reverie.
mark planted the clover back in september.
for rosetta, we believe.
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